Kick-off SOONER project

Kick-off SOONER project

On the 1st of September 2015 the SOONER project has kicked off. For the next five years, a team of 10 researchers will focus on fundamental and accompagnying research about open online education (OOE) in the Netherlands.

During the kick-off meeting the team has further discussed the sub-projects and has analysed the different data sources for empirical research. The project combines fundamental and accompanying research and will be organized via four PhD-projects on 1) self-regulated learning skill acquisition in the context of OOE, 2) motivation and intentions as key to drop-out in OOE, 3) scalable support solutions for OOE including learning analytics and last but not least 4) OOE as means for organizational developement and educational innovation.

The SOONER project is connected to the MOOCKnowledge project, a European cross-provider standardized survey about MOOCs and the SCORE2020 project, a European project focusing on support needs of educational institutions for OOE. Data from these European projects will be compared to Dutch OOE initiatives and benchmarking options will be explored.

The team has also conducted a first brainstorming to develop a dissemination and exploitation plan for the project. The most important stakeholders and communication channels have been identified and will be developed into a first plan in collaboration with NRO.



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