SOONER activities: beginning of summer 2019

SOONER activities: beginning of summer 2019

Want to find out more about our research, and would you like to know at which scientific events we will be present during the beginning of summer? Find us and talk to us at the following conferences and events in June and July 2019:

JTEL summer school – 1-8 June 2019, Bari (Italy)

The JTEL Summer School is organised yearly by the European Association of Technology Enhanced Learning (EATEL) and provides a stimulating learning environment where participants get opportunities to develop research skills, increase their knowledge base, collaborate with others in their own and complementary research areas, engage in debate, have access to experts in the field, and discuss their own work. The programme covers topics from a broad range of domains which contribute to advancing the field of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL).  The summer school is open for PhD students and instructors from all countries. This year, Martine Schophuizen will participate as a PhD student. Additionally, Prof. dr. Marco Kalz will provide an opening keynote with the title: Unintended consequences of mainstreaming of technology-enhanced learning.

Are you a participant at this summer school, and do you want to find out more about the work of SOONER? Please find Marco Kalz or Martine Schophuizen there, they will be happy to talk to you. More information about this summer school can be found on the official website.

Onderwijsresearch dagen (ORD) – 26-28 June 2019, Heerlen (Netherlands)

SOONER: Uitdagingen van open online onderwijs in het NL hoger onderwijs (speakers: Renée Jansen, Maartje Henderikx, Julia Kasch, Martine Schophuizen)

During the Education Research Days (ORD) 2019 in Heerlen, the 4 PhD candidates of the SOONER research project will be presenting their work in a symposium (see earlier post for extended information on the content). In a nutshell the following topics will be presented. 1) Maartje Henderikx (Open University) will discuss intention-behavior dynamics in MOOCs. 2) Renée Jansen (Utrecht University) will talk about supporting self-regulation in MOOCs. 3) Julia Kasch (Open University) will present her work on scalable feedback and interaction in MOOCs. 4) Martine Schophuizen (Open University) will talk about the influence of project focus on challenges and opportunities of open online education.

Do you want to know more about open online education within Dutch higher education? Please come to our symposium at the ORD 2019 on Thursday 27th of June, from 11.00-12.30, at the Arcus building in room E0.22. Please keep in mind that this is a national conference and presentations will be in Dutch. More information about this conference and registration can be found on the conference website.


DH2019 – , 8-12 July 2019, Utrecht (Netherlands)

Accelerating DH Education (Speakers: Elly Bleeker, Johanna de Groot, Aodhán Kelly, Martine Schophuizen, Sally Wyatt)

This workshop, during one of the biggest conferences on digital humanities (DH) globally, offers a platform for communication between DH practitioners, specialists in educational sciences and digital innovation strategists. The organisers are connected to several Dutch universities and research institutions alongside nationwide initiatives SURF (the collaborative ICT organisation for Dutch education and research), the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (VH) and the the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) that together in 2018 initiated the national plan “Acceleration plan educational innovation with ICT”. This combination of DH experts and educational specialists presents a unique opportunity to consider a shared strategic agenda for innovation in DH education. The workshop is organised primarily around two strands of discussion: 1) Open Education and 2) Shared educational agendas and initiatives.

This workshop will take place over a half-day on Monday, July 8th 2019 from 9am – 1pm in Utrecht, Tivoli building (room TBA). For more information on this conference, please visit the official website.

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