SOONER-project listed as one of the best research projects of 2016 in Didactief!

Great way to end the year: our research study on ‘intention as key to dropout in MOOCs’ was mentioned in Didactief as one of the best research projects of 2016 and qualified as ‘innovative’ by Wilfried Admiraal, professor of Educational sciences at Leiden University.

In this study we argue that the way MOOC-success is measured should be redefined. Currently success in MOOCs equals the number of MOOC-takers who completely finish the MOOC and earn the certificate. However, research shows that MOOC-takers often have their own individual intentions when it comes to studying in MOOCs. These MOOC-takers often do not finish a whole MOOC and thus do not earn the certificate which classifies them as not successful from the perspective of the MOOC-makers. We propose that study success in MOOCs should take the intention of the MOOC-taker as the starting point.

It’s very encouraging that our project attracted such positive attention and is regarded as innovative!

CC BY 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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